crafted by photobiz

Made by hand, inspired by nature...

My work in clay is influenced by my passionate love for the geology of the great west - the canyons, mountains, plateaus and gorges that have been created by mother nature over the millennium.  It is by far my favorite subject to photograph, and it has become a large part of the inspiration in my ceramic works.  This intimacy with nature is carried over in the organic processes and materials that I have developed and continue to experiment with.

My Earth Babies" are some of my most favorite works.  They are "born" from the bottom of an extruder, much like a baby, and are made of clay from the earth. Therefore, the name "Earth Babies" evolved.  Some of my newest works, which I call "Piece of the Rock", are formed by taking impressions from the geological formations that nature has carved over many thousands of years in the surrounding ledges and cliffs of Tablerock Lake in the White River Valley of southwest Missouri's Ozark mountains.  These fossil like slab impressions are then twisted and formed into shapes that remind me of the canyons and mountains that I am so passionate about. 

Artistic and dynamic design, along with tactility, are the more important goals I strive for.  Whether its functional work or sculptural,  my hope is that my art - in whatever form - becomes an intimate object for those who view or hold it, and that their sense for the earth evolves.