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Monday, November 17, 2014
By Pat Lambert
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After almost 4 years at the Downing St. location, I have decided to come full circle and relocate at my original studio in Pointe Royale.  In 2004, at my home in Pointe Royale,  I first  started on my path to professional portaits.  I can't believe it's been 10 years!  I still have customers from 2004 returning each year or two for portrait sessions.  I've even had high school seniors from several years ago, return to me for their weddings.  I've watched families start with one baby, and now have four.  I've even had customers ask me if I will be there for their babies when they graduate 18 years down the road.   With the good Lord's blessing, I certainly plan to be.  It's been an enjoyable and moment filled path of discovery for me.  Fine art nature and landscape photography was my passion since I was in high school (many moons ago). But 10 years ago I changed courses and persued a path to fine art portraits.  Developing the relationships with my customers has been so rewarding and fun.  I love watching the families grow and recording their "Moments", which become cherished "Moments" for me too!!  I've had a few of God's little Angels touch my life too over the years.  Their memories are recorded in my heart along with their portraits on my computer's hard drive. 

I have slowed my business down to only part time.  I only do children, families and high school seniors now.  I quit doing weddings and event photography.  My husband and I travel a great deal and have a lot of hobbies that keep us busy.  At 60 years young, I am making sure I leave no stone unturned in my path to discovey.  Thanks to my dear friend Jeanie, I was introduced to the word of painting 4 years ago,which  has become a passion that just keeps growing.  I only wish I'd started painting while my mother was still alive.  As a child she was an oil painter and then later in life started doing watercolors.  Watercolors have since become my favorite medium too.  I especially enjoy taking some of my original fine art photographs and creating paintings from them.  In this "Circle of Life", (one of my favorite Elton John songs), I will continue to enjoy new experiences and meet new people who will be forever recorded as a Moment for me.  Six cameras and many full hard drives later, I'm still in the business of recording "Moments by Pat".  Call if you need a session, but don't get upset if I'm off on a trip somewhere for a few weeks.  417-334-6555

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